Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sexy lady athlete alert: Michelle Jenneke

You know how you some athletes are real sexy? Well here's one.

Michelle Jenneke is her name. She's an Australian hurdler and here she is performing at this year's Junior World Championships in the women's 110m hurdles.

And to make matters even better, she can actually perform. The 19-year-old won gold in the event, and internet gold when this video of her dancing warm-up went viral. The thing had 11 million views when we opportunistically decided to upload it.

So that's it! Our faith in athletics saved and revitalised. Just in time for the Olympics!


Jerri Mperdempes said...

omg she is gorgeous!!!!!

Jerri Mperdempes said...

omg she is gorgeous!

Hagen Engler said...

Isn't she just! So stoked she ends up winning! I was ready for her to come, like, 6th. Which would have made me feel like a perve. Now I just feel like an athletics fan!

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