Friday, July 20, 2012

The Blind Surfer: "One of the most inspirational stories around!"

Derek Rabelo is blind, and he surfs! Not just that, he surfs Pipeline in Hawaii, one of the most challenging waves on the planet!

Derek Rabelo's also getting into tow-in surfing, because that's obviously the next level for surfers, you know, surfing waves twice as tall as you are. He can't see, but you get the feeling that's not so much of an issue for him.

There's a movie coming out, Beyond Sight: Derek Rabelo Story and you can donate money to make sure it gets made. But if you can spare two and a half minutes to be impressed, check out this short video about Derek...

BEYOND SIGHT, The Derek Rabelo Story. from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo.

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Thats retarded.