Hagen's House is a haven of Chaos & Creativity administered by Hagen Engler out of Johannesburg, South Africa..

We believe in a fusion of high and low culture, the sacred and the profane, artistic expression and guys playing silly buggers. Also boobs. You'll find web memes, 80s Arcade games, sport, beautiful women, philosophy, contemporary culture, as well as writings, columns and bullshit stories by Hagen his actual self and music by his alter ego Inspector Ras.

To contact Hagen, have him write for you, make bookings or contribute to the blog, email hagen@hagenshouse.com, follow @HagenEngler on the Tweet, or go look on Facebook.

Catch the Hagen's House radio show every Wednesday 1-3pm South African time on etm.fm For a themed journey through popular music history, philosophy, anecdotes, rants, analysis and ridiculous sound clips.

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