Friday, December 2, 2011

Sylvana's legendary video!

I once worked at FHM magazine, but I don't often post stuff from there. I will make an exception in the case of the lovely Sylvana Easton, though. Sylvana appeared from nowhere, sending us a couple of pics in 2009. We were blown away, and immediately organised to do a short shoot with her. After that, the FHM Fan response was so great that we took her along to Swaziland to shoot FHM Lingerie 2009 with Bonang Matheba and the girls. I never quite got a handle on where Sylvana was from or where she went. I heard she was a dancer in Cape Town, but I certainly never saw conclusive proof. Even if we never hear from her again, we'll still have this video, which captures a moment in time when Sylvana was at her flabbergasting finest...

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