Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Like Die Antwoord? Try Death Grips!

Remember how you felt the first time you watched Die Antwoord's Enter The Ninja video? And you were so excited you went and found all their other zef stuff and put it on your blog and started showing videos to strangers on your phone?

And you were all, like, "I don't care if they arseholes, it's a kind of art".

Well that's how we feel about our new favourite band, Death Grips! Don't ask us to categorise the music, to limit it to genres, because it seems to touch on just about every style we enjoy. There's some Beastie Boys in there, some of the lyrics are like fuckin' Slayer, the beats are kind of a glitchy dubstep... but the videos!

The first video we watched was for Guillotine, "It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes... Yah!" You can watch it here. This thing features singer Stefan Burnett driving around in a car and being messy. It must have been put together on a budget of $4, which probably went on bath salts for the crew.

But that vid at the top, for I Want It I Need It, is like being sodomised through your eyes by a waterfall of King Kong semen. (Watch the vid before you judge us. It's Death Grips who did this to us!) We're putting it in our Hall Of Glory right after this.

After this we were hooked. Go look on Youtube, they've got dozens of videos. Many of them as unwatchable as they are unlistenable. But there's an unhinged DGAFness that makes it compelling. Also, the dude looks an authentic mess. The real version of whatever it is that DJ Ninja is pretending to be. We got ten bucks on Stefan to take Waddie down by law if and when they ever have a backstage bust-up.

Go check their website here to be outraged some more. Death Grips.

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