Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jedi Rollers: Special Request live at Market Square

A little trip down memory boulevard for yous. When I was in a band called Jedi Rollers, this was one of our most popular songs. Often we'd play it first "to get them on our side". Just a fun, bouncy reggae tune off our first album, which was called Hi Rollin'. I think I may play a version of this tonight at the show with Dave Chislett.

This was a gangster show we did in front of City Hall in the middle of the day, with massive ganja-leaf banners up everywhere. There were hundreds of people downtown who came to check, who wouldn't normally have got to see us. Our friends Trelanee and Bridget organised it and shot a video. Good times. "This is Rollers Brand, funk-rock superior, purveyors of funk to the Central area. Superintendent Inspectors in the Serious Peaceful Crime Unit. We don't just scheme it, we tune it."

Ha, ha. Skanking in public.

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