Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Joburg people! See Martin Evans in Full Body P**s Klap

Martin Evans is a funny guy in that funny-to-hang-around-with kind of way. When you're chilling with Mart, who also goes by the Twitter handle Hellpants, you chill, you laugh, and generally you drink.

You don't get the feeling he's a comedian trying out material on you, which you sometimes get with comics. Funny stuff just happens, largely because of the big guy's perspective on it. (Medium large. Large medium.)

Life is indeed what you make it. An experience that one person might consider the worst, most existence-shattering, bleakest kak-fest of all time, another cat could find so sublimely ridiculous that it's actually funny, or inspiring, ultimately uplifting, even.

Martin, whom your correspondent probably smoked weed with in the Nineties, though we can't be sure because we don't really remember the Nineties, does a killer comedy show. He is making an independent, integritous go of a comedy career in a depraved beast of an industry. He consistently wins awards at the National Arts Festival for his shows. Ironically, as he puts it, "The show wins awards, gets reviews from heaven, and yet has takings that a busker would be embarrassed with."

Martin actually does several shows, some improv'd some prepared and some a mixture of the two. One of his hit shows is called Full Body P**s Klap, where we're guessing the P**s stands for "poes". It's about how life threw him the most bizarre set of challenging circumstances and he emerged better, stronger, and indeed amused at his own predicament.

You will be too, if you go see Full Body P**s Klap on its Johannesburg run. That is from January 17, 18, 19 at Pop Art, in the stratospherically hip Arts On Main precinct near Troyeville.

Here's a video about the show. We will fight like a demon to be there. For more Martin "Hellpants" Evans, go to his blog here.

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