Thursday, September 6, 2012

PSY – Gangnam Style

We just organised a slot DJing on digital radio station EuroTrashMusic. The radio version of Hagen's House will be on Wednesday from 4pm-6pm. While we were there at EuroTrash talking kak with station king Craig, he played us this. So, in celebration of our inevitable radio fame, may we present this freaky video of Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY. At last count it had 400 million views, which makes it the most viewed video in the history of YouTube! That makes it the most popular K-pop video in history. It's also the most awesome thing we've seen today.

This dude's clearly got some budget behind him. Just FYI, Gangnam is a trendy, affluent district of Seoul in South Korea and the chorus, "Oppan Gangnam style" means, "Your boy is rocking it Gangnam style".

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