Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please can we get a president like this?

Here's an excellent interview that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange did with Ecuador president Rafael Correa. The interview was for The Julian Assange show that appears on Russia Today (RT 405 on South Africa's DStv bouquet).

The interview is an insightful look at how a nation can unshackle itself from the influence of the United States and the exploitive global economic consensus. Correa is both charismatic, intelligent and a revolutionary thinker.

Unsurprisingly, his chat with Assange was a meeting of minds to a large extent and the two hit it off extremely well. We've heard it said that, when the two were talking off air during this interview, Correa raised the possibility of Assange seeking refuge at his country's embassy in London to evade the Swedish sex charges that are quite possibly being used to deliver Assange into the hands of the American imperialists.

Give this interview a chance. Those 26 minutes simply fly by!

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