Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mark Boucher: Streetwise cricketing legend!

He came in gangster, he went out gangster! He's Mark Boucher. How's this cunning run-out of Marvan Atapatu during the Australian VB series in 05/06!

Nicely done, sir. And here he is putting Tatenda Taibu through Sledging Hell during a rare test between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Listen out for first slip tuning, "Mark, not too much, hey."

To the eternal credit of Mark Boucher, the new Chuck Norris, he doesn't stop. Chuck Norris will now become a thing like the Dalai Lama, where cats get reincarnated and shit. And it's a different dude, but it's actually the same dude from earlier.

It's like that with Mark Boucher. He's actually Chuck Norris.

And finally, here's Bouch cracking the winning runs during the Proteas' 438 victory over Australia in 2004... as watched by a canteen full of Indian dudes. After we win, they start high-fiving each other like it was them who won the thing.

So thank you, Mr Boucher for not only being the greatest wicketkeeper of all time, but for bringing the joy of cricket to fans right across the world.


Lance Dodd said...

A legend of the game. AT least he went out at the top of his game, even if it wasn't on his terms.

Hagen Engler said...

Ja, a shame, but that's the unpredictablility that makes life so exiting. Much like cricket. It seems mundane, but you never know what's going to happen next!