Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog showcase:

Just that. Girls in yoga pants. Dot com. The lovely ladies of our carbon-based planet in that most flattering of fashion items, the yoga pant.

There's frontal shots, some celeb pics, a lot of self-shot iphone mirror pics in the ladies' change room after gym and rather a few of ladies wearing yoga pants in bed, as you do. But the main purpose of this remarkable site appears to be the celebration of the female posterior. The bum, the booty, the rear, the derriere. If you're into this sort of thing, go have a look.

When the magnificent @Spillly saw the above pic, he tuned me on twitter,  "Are those sprayed on?" To which I replied, "They will be when I'm finished with them!"

In the same vein, please give it up for two guys who certainly are into this sort of thing, DJ Dave and Barney Kook. This is their tour de force, Yoga Girl...

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