Friday, April 13, 2012

The revolution will not make you look five pounds thinner!

Iconic poet, politician, musician and our current personal god, Gil Scott Heron died last year, shortly after being released from prison and putting out a couple of cool, spoken word/electro albums. But his best work was during the Seventies, and his best-known poem was The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. The poem-song is packed with cultural references, many peculiar to the time the piece was released. For a guide to some of these, go here.

In case you're still wondering what the poem means, or perhaps you've been pretending to understand it for so long that you forgot that you didn't understand it, here are some tips from a slightly bedraggled-looking Gil...

And simply because we're going through our Gil Scott-Heron phase, here's another bonus Gil poem about Whitey on the moon.


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