Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Forensic police recapture lost words of blind author!

A novel by a blind writer! Wouldn’t you love to read something like that?

So would she! No, I’m not being insensitive, I’m about to tell you the heart-warming case of Trish Vickers.

The 58-year-old Ms Vickers, of Lyme Regis, Dorset, recently lost her sight, but bursting with creativity, she decided to write a novel. So she set about penning the book in longhand in an A4 notebook. She devised a complex system of elastic bands to stop her lines going over each other and launched into the tome, to be titled Grannifer’s Legacy.

Tragically, they pen she chose to write her debut novel on, had no ink in it. So the first 26 pages were blank!

She proudly presented the first completed pages to her son Simon when he came to visit, and he had to break the news that her hours spent writing had been a waste of time.

All was lost! Trish could have tried to re-write her intro chapter, but she’d never be able to perfectly evoke the tone and phrase of her first efforts.

Enter the Dorset police department! Approached by the desperate Vickerses, they promised to do all they could to retrieve the lost information, by analysing the indentations left by the Trish’s pen on the black pages of the manuscript.

After five months of painstaking forensic analysis – all conducted as a community service during lunch breaks – the cops had recaptured every word of the lost 26 pages.

Read the original article from The Telegraph here

The novel's called Grannifer's Legacy, and now you know the story behind it. They had me at "blind author". 

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