Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Turns out the okes can still jol

The ales started going down at three. The paintball was at five. The weed came out at six. We got the bus to stop for brandy at six-fifteen.
The first arguments started at half-past seven. We were back at the bar by eight-thirty. The oke in charge got kicked out by nine. He was passed out in his car by 9.05pm and we were on our own after that…
We started losing each other around 9.30. I’d made friends with two strangers by ten. Tried to blag my way on stage at someone else’s show at 10.15. We fluked back into each other around eleven. Still in the same parking lot where we started.
One oke was still able/prepared to drive. The rest of us let him. By 11.15 we were in another parking lot. Footwear became an issue. Visible drunkenness too. There were some like us in the parking lot.
We made it inside by midnight. There were guys from school days in there. Bouncers were unimpressed. Talking to them only gave the game away.
At 12.20 I met another guy in the toilet from the old days.
At 1am I went to check the place round the corner. The search party found me at two. The driver went missing at 2.10am. He was found at 2.25. We were at the nudie bar at 2.40. Again, footwear. We dummied them by splitting up. Two went in, the rest went to the ATM, then we returned individually. The ATM slip says 2.46.
We were watching the stage show by three. There were guys from the old days at the bar. We needed a chow. There was no chow. There was a 24-hour down near the beach. But first there was a lapdance in the office.
At 3.17 there was an awesome song on the car stereo. By 3.22 there were police. By 3.30am there was a compromise. Somewhere between 3.30 and 4.11 there was a hamburger.
Some time after 4.30 we were back at the house. There was a brandy poured before 5am. The television was turned on, loud, at 5.02am. Phone calls were made at 5.11. The hi-fi was on by 5.12. Everyone in the house was awake by 5.14. Harsh words were spoken at 5.22. The hi-fi was turned off. Also at 5.22.
A sandwich was made at 5.24. Marmite and apricot jam. A brandy was spilt at 5.23. A broken glass was quietly discarded in the kitchen bin at 5.26.
A sandwich was used as a pillow at 5.28. A television was turned off at 5.29. A blanket was cast across a sleeping figure at 5.31pm. The lights were turned off at 5.32am.
A short goodnight was spoken at 5.33am. “Ja boet. The okes can still jol.”
The lord of the house went to bed at 5.37am. A bachelor, for now. But not for long.

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