Thursday, June 20, 2013

Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper

This time SA's traiblazing rap-rave outfit present a short movie, directed by Ninja, and incorporating the music video. How to shock people now, the okes from Anties must have asked themselves. Especially since we've already dabbled in underage sexual iconography, poor-white culture, drugs, Xhosa manhood rituals, massive penises and Parktown prawns in Lady Gaga's fanny.

The answer they came up with (yeah, yeah) was to feature a bit of South African prison culture, as manifest in lead character Annies, fresh out the mang and flashing both 26 and 27 chappies. He catches Yolandi Visser's "teenage" eye and pretty soon there's some rear-door reaming on the cards.

The lyrics are mostly Afrikaans, Cape Flats Afrikaans, even. This implies that the next album Donker Mag might feature more of Yolandi 'pon the mic. But let's wait and see. Anything's possible with these okes...

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