Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hero of the Day: Charles Ramsay!

More humans being awesome! This is Charles Ramsay. Yesterday he rescued three women who had been kidnapped and imprisoned by his neighbour in Cleveland, Ohio, for more than a decade!

One of them, Amanda Berry, managed to get his attention, and he was then able to free her from captivity. In a classic interview that will shortly be remixed and autotuned to death, Charles tells a news reporter how it happened.

Oozing natural charisma, Charles relates a story like few others. Check it out and enjoy. Charles hereby joins Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchiker in the Hagenshouse Hall of Heroes.

Our take-away from it: "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms, somethin's wrong here! Either she's homeless, or she got problems!"

Gentleman and ladies, fire up your Garagebands!

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