Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Give it up for the Toothsta!

Okay, 2OceansVibe tipped us off about this oke. Toothsta is all about health, exercise and body transformation, but his pure-Joburg personality shines through like a beaut.

His video updates feature manic to-camera raps in his car in the way to gym, Tootshsta posing with other bodybuilding celebs like former heat Manwatch winner Jaco de Bruyn, (now of JarNutrition and Facebook fame) and time-lapse transformation series with The Tooth flexing in the bogs.

It's quality, and the boy is ripped, hey. He nails the essence of Joburg gym culture one time, with just enough self-parody to make it entertaining. We're trying to decide if that gym is Randburg Virgin Active or Cresta, but ja. Yo, yo, yo! Nice one, boy.


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