Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nechama Brodie: Awesome, and playing live on Thursday

Jesus, how bewitching is this video, by the equally beguiling Johannesburg songwriter Nechama Brodie! The video is for her song Cold, which will appear on a forthcoming EP out later this year.

It says here that the video is based on Lauren Beukes's latest novel, The Shining Girls, which is about a time-travelling serial killer. We guess that is the role played in this by 88 Kilos Of Sunshine, a purveyor of deeply intense yet topical gloom rock from some godforsaken corner of the very same Johannesburg.

88 produced the track, replete with electronic flourishes and all and all and all, making it contemporary as well as timeless.

Nechama is performing this very Thursday, April 18, at The Library, The Brazen Head Sandton,  from 8pm alongside Jon-Pat Myers and your correspondent himself, Hagen Engler, aka Inspector Ras. Having seen the quality of this, we are quietly shite-ing ourselves.

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