Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

This gentleman traveller first sprang to our attention when he showed up on YouTube having just saved a couple of people's lives in Fresno California.

He'd got a ride from some guy at the recycling centre and the guy turned out to be a delusional psychopath who tried to kill two people. Kai stepped in with his hatchet... smash, smash! But let Kai tell it. He's such a great storyteller...

We love the way he leads off with wisdom. "Straight off I'd like to say whoever you are, you deserve respect..." and then he leads into the best anecdote we've heard since the Brown Mouse one and the one about the Citizens Arrest at Forries. But enough about us, let's talk about Kai.

His real name is Caleb Lawrence and he's from Western Canada. He rose above a terrible upbringing and basically taught himself a set of values that have served him well into adult life. He's apparently 24 years old, speaks a few languages, enjoys boarding and we reckon he's been in bands too.

He's charismatic, free-spirited, positive and penniless – not unlike a lot of backpackers you'd meet at youth hostels around the planet. But he seems to have this righteous indignation that motivates him rise and take action where a lot of hippie-trail liberals would blanch.

He's also learned to play guitar like a mfkn riot somewhere along the way. More strength to your arm, sir.

* Edit: May 17, 2013. Perhaps not so awesome. Kai was arrested for murder in New York a few months later. That's the thing with people who carry hatchets. It can go either way.

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