Monday, January 28, 2013

Mockumentary pilot: Armed Response

Here's a pilot of a potential TV series. Armed Response is a mockumentary about a dysfunctional South African security company.

Armed Response - Pilot Episode, "Education" from Donovan Graham on Vimeo.

There are shades of The Office, as there would be, and shades of the hilariously awkward contemporary South Africa we live in. It's dying to be made fun of. This thing has its moments, and it's better than most efforts to appear on terrestrial TV down this side.

It's written by Donovan Graham and Greg Parvess, and directed by Donovan Graham. Greg Parvess is Grant, who we're guessing is the survivalist security guard with the rad beard. our favourite scene is where Alwyn lectures Grant cos he doesn't want him to get into a comedic situation he can't get himself out of! Aids humour is a delicate one, after all.

It'll be interesting to see if this thing gets made. Any writers prepared to take on HIV/Aids humour in the pilot episode have balls, so let's wish the producers the best of good luck in their fundraising efforts.

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