Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beyond parkour!

Or maybe this still counts as parkour. Who knows! It's certainly beyond the other stuff we've seen. Watching this vid will confirm to you that Damien Walters has sperm the size of goldfish and is possibly the most awesome man on earth.

He comes from the trampolining subculture, where he won the world champs with the British team in 2003. He subsequently chucked in the competitive vibe and became a stuntman. He won the Taurus World Stunt Award in 2010 for Best Fight in that classic of cinematography Ninja Assassin.

His YouTube views are in the dozens of millions. He also has a sense of humour, which is handy if you're in danger of plunging off a high-rise to your splattery death!

Skills, though. Respect, sir, Mr Walters, sir.

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