Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Frown: Her name is Eve

The keyboard player could've had three heads and we wouldn't have noticed.

The dude on sampler or whatever could've had a cock so big he was rolling it around on a rickshaw ride and it would've escaped our notice.

The guy on the AV vibes we noticed because he was playing AV vibes. Also he had on one of those BOY caps from last cycle. Not that we... never mind. Our actual eyes were affixed upon the lead singer of The Frown like a twisty cap tight and briefly upon a large bottle of Jagermeister. So we weren't about to notice anything else.

OkmalumKoolkat could've come and dropped a guest vocal and we would've had no idea, because we were too busy bathing our eyes in the amazingness of Eve from The Frown.

There's music, and there's visuals, and there's vocals, and it's all great in an electroclash-tech-pop-indie kind of way. But you need someone to hold your gaze, as it were.

So let it be said that The Frown have a great frontperson to present their magnificent contemporary pop music. They also have a sense of show, of drama, of spectacle, of occasion is the word we're looking for.

We felt like we were at the right place at the right time that night, especially because we came right from Julian Rademeyer's killing rhinos book launch and that was kinda over.

The Frown were launching the video for their 727 track at the Studio at Primi Piatti Rosebank and the punters were so hip, if we had a .45 on us we would kiss the gun and top ourselves out of fashion insecurity.

In no danger of doing so was aforementioned Eve, rocking some platforms, vintage shorts and crucifixes that conjured images of prime-era Madonna before she got the sinew going.

It's just total abandon, surrender to the music, electro programmed beats. "We are not like you. We don't kill each other, like you do," and assorted keyboard riffs and coquettishness that keep you fascinated from the moment she steps up on the stage till she invites the entire audience up to share the moment, as well as the Jager.

Eve. Her name is Eve. We made a point of finding out.

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