Friday, November 2, 2012

Stanton Warriors – Good Vibrations

Some breakbeats for you. These guys are out of the West Country of the UK, Bristol area. But now they're based in London, as you would be too if you were making such world-class dance music.

Obviously a version of the Mike Love Beach Boys classic, but pwning it for themselves.

Stanton Warriors apparently named themselves after a manhole cover, because their music is so hard, but also so underground. Respect to the boy MacDazz for reminding us about this track and insisting we give it a quality revisit. Sure to feature on our radio show on next Wednesday, if we don't forget or go off on a bizarre tangent.

Just thought of a good theme that we can contrive to ensure a hook to hang this song on. We'll theme next week's show, "Sweet Emotion". Then we can play Jealousy by AKA too. And there's surely no shortage of songs about emotion...

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