Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comrade Baby: Latest book by Hagen Engler

"It's like Justice Malala being married to Joe Slovo, except one of us is a white liberal"

Marrying Black Girls for Guys who aren't Black, The Colour of One, and other learnings on the path from white privilege to the Benoni taxi rank. Hagen Engler gains perspective on blackness, whiteness, drunkness, punkness, the Eastern Cape, Robot Guys and the resilience of his cushion-sized liver, as South Africa evolves from a gnomes's lair to a proper country with equal rights and opportunities for all-time cock-ups, poetry, depravity and hedonistic benders like you've never seen.

A book of columns for Sunday Times, Mahala, Weekend Post, That's How It Is and elsewhere, mixed in with poems, rhymes and lyrics brought on by Comrade Baby and the South African condition.

For a sample of what's inside, check here and here, or even here.

The book is Hagen Engler's sixth. It is, always an independent Pocket Assegai Publication and a document of a decade of South African-ness. It makes a sweet gift for any South Africans in touch with their own ridiculousness and who aren't afraid of a little bit of swearing.

"...a side-splitting adventure through the not always politically correct landscape of South Africa." – Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu, 3Talk

"...a compelling pastiche of South African craziness that somehow, magically, passes as a survival guide to travel, multiracial dating and other South African adventures." – The Daily Maverick

"Hagen Engler is one of South Africa's most under-recognised great writers. Obervant, witty, sacriligeous, and highly original... " – True Love

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