Sunday, October 14, 2012

More K-Pop! Just what you wanted!

All props to @redsquaw, who turned us on to this K-Pop gem by G-Dragon. We were noting how Gangnam Style by PSY was now the most-viewed video in YouTube history, when she recommended this.

K-Pop shows an alarming propensity for cheese and appears to have a primary demographic of eight-year-old girls.

It's best when this is leavened with a knowing archness and irony – witness this beast, Get Your Crayon by G-Dragon. We have a proud history of only watching K-Pop in video form and immediately escaping whenever someone tries to play the music itself. So, too, with this.

Whoever shot this has turned the colour up to 11, hired 100 extras and used more hairspray than Motley Crue on a big date. It feels like Die Antwoord without the repulsiveness. 50 Shades of Cray! Get your cray on!

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