Friday, September 28, 2012

Words & Music by Inspector Ras

Push Play

Decent enough turn MCing for Jedi Rollers... Buli G pon the BVs. Track by MacDaz, Master J and the Red-Eye Jollers

In The Blood


Easy Money

I wrote this song after an evening spent at a bar/restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg frequented by businessmen, gangsters and beautiful women. In a way all three had something that appealed to the others, whether it was money, beauty, street cred, or some other form of power. Late at night in this bar, they would all prey on each other, while most of the world was fast asleep, while "...sleeping lovers breathe their lovers in deep".

Welcome To My Car

This is a version of the classic song by Bernoldus Niemand, aka James Phillips, perhaps South Africa's greatest rock musician. The clip was recorded in my car on a beastly hot day in mid-summer. I was sweating bullets while I filmed this. Sweating like Julius Malema in a woodwork exam, as they say.


This one was played on my old Teasy guitar, given to me by my friend Sacha back in the day. The song is a vision of a future where "my conscience will be clear, and my children will be yellow". A rough guesstimate, that, since I am white and my wife is a pleasing shade of chocolate.

Eyes Of The Beholder

For better or for worse, this is a version of a little-known Lucky Dube tune off his Together As One album. I've made it my own, as much by giving it a new rhythm as by mauling it to within an inch of its life with my atrocious vocals. I like to think it has a certain ragged charm.

Broken Inside

An early song, long a live staple. My show, such as it is, usually consists of spoken-word, poem-y type recitations, interspersed with the acoustic jams. The latter are necessarily simple, because I'm utterly bereft of guitaring talent. In a best-case scenario I manage to co-opt some poor collaborator to carry me with his musicianship. Failing that, this is the kind of thing my unsuspecting audiences are exposed to.

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