Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hunting Louisiana swamp rats the size of dogs!

It's rifles, air-boats and clubbings to death, as Team Wild hangs out with these guys who hunt massive Louisiana swamp rats, or nutria, in the bayou as part of an ongoing vermin control exercise.

The rats feed on swamp vegetation, which leads to soil erosion and for that reason they must die. Each rat fetches a bounty of $5, and Arthur and his son, the salt-of-the-earth gents who hunt them, reckon they once killed 6 800 rats in 15 days. That's $34 000, in a couple of weeks!

Watch out for the anecdote about the dog that swallowed the rat, which bit the dog, which bit the rat. Also, this dude has one of the coolest accents we've heard in ages. Love to share a beer with him some time.

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