Monday, August 20, 2012

Scratch turntable for my cat? I want it!

Gadget websites are dime a dozen on the multipipe, and most of them are boring as hell, offering an endless parade of expensive, rectangular computers of various sizes.

The real deal gadget site, though, is It features ONLY stuff that you don't need, but that is totally ridiculously, spent-the-rent awesome.

Jetpacks, Space Invaders couches, sword-handle umbrellas, toilet bowl coffee mugs, non-melting ice cubes... We could go on. So let's! The website also features a fridge shaped like a Marshall amplifier stack, "You suck at parking" business cards, Jedi bath robes, human-foetus bath soap, a walk-in bar fridge and dozens more things that'll make you as manly as a man with an AK-47 where his genitals should be.

Look, she didn't try buy any of this stuff, buy if no one's retailing it yet, someone will be soon.

And shopping at a place like this is mind-expanding in a way that going to varsity for five years can only hope to be!

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