Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This pic of Emanuela de Paula...

She's been called "The Black Gisele", because she's from Brazil, like Gisele; but she's black, unlike Gisele. Whichever fashion journalist came up with that no doubt won themselves a raise and a promotion to associate assistant deputy sub copy editor.

Far better to call her the first Emanuela de Paula. She stopped us in our tracks on our regular trawling of the multipipe for pleasant images to soothe our battered eyeballs with.

There she was, resting up at number 15 on the list of Sexiest Black Women Alive on cunningly named website DimeWars.

Ms De Paula has appeared in the Pirelli Calendar and walked at the Victoria's Secret fashion show for three years, which puts her in the uppermost echelon of modelling excellence.

In 2009 Forbes magazine rated her the 11th highest-paid model in the modelling industry, with $2,5 million. (Is it just us, or would you expend them to earn a bit more than that?)

No matter. It's a million-dollar look this, audited by Forbes. And you can take that to the bank.

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biobot said...

Yes, yes and yes. With a thank you very very much. And several oh God pleases.