Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Psychedelic boeremusiek from 1969!

This comes courtesy of SA music legend Nico Carstens, from the film Stadig Oor Die Klippe, also starring Al Debbo. Obviously we know nothing, but we've never seen boeremusiek sound so jazzy and hip.

Apparently, in some hardcore circles, only boeremusiek produced before the Second World War is deemed authentic. Hendrik Susan is upheld as one of the stars of this era. Carstens played with Susan, but went on to experiment widely with the form, adopting jazz styles as we see hear and in later years playing versions of afro-pop and afro-jazz hits.

The early twentieth-century styles show a mainly European influences, whereas the progressive accordion music of the post-war can be seen to exhibit an African-American influence.

Mr Carstens was later to be heard playing on the track Beautiful Girl on the album Afterlifesatisfaction by SA rock kings Springbok Nude Girls. Is Nico Carstens related to Nude Girls frontman Arno Carstens? Please let us know!

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