Friday, July 13, 2012

Pam Grier kicks ass!

"Don't mess around with Foxy Brown, coz she's the meanest chick in town!" Pam Grier was the first-ever female action movie star. She kicked all kinds of ass in the Seventies and owns a set of boobs so powerful they could be used as interplanetary attack cannons if we ever go to war against Venus.

Pam starred in several blaxpoitation movies in the early Seventies, generally in strong, sexy roles, taking out dope dealers, sleazy white guys and bitchy women who didn't show her enough respect.  A lot of those flicks would have today's political-correctness police blushing in flames but still, Pam was there, kicking ass.

Career highlights in that era were the movies Foxy Brown and Coffy. Her career enjoyed a revival when Quentin Tarantino cast her in the flick Jackie Brown. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for that, and not before time.

Sure, there have been recent action heroines Angelina, Halle, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, but Pam Grier's been taking out bad guys since before! Admit.

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