Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Proper Insanity: madness on the motorway

This is not your common-or-garden madness. It's the real thing. Two twin sisters from Sweden decide to go play in the traffic, probably with an eye to killing themselves. However, due to either their own uselessness, or the vigilance of the British drivers, they emerge with their lives.

The women are Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, two card-carrying nutters from Sweden, at the time living in Ireland. This incident occurred on the M6 Motorway near Birmingham in 2008.

After being let off a bus for odd behaviour, the twins made their way down the centre median of the M6 and then jumped into the traffic. Miraculously surviving that, they are apprehended by police.

They soon fight their way out of custody and again entered the traffic, both managing to get hit this time. Ursula gets cancelled by a 40-ton truck. While cops and emergency personnel are still in shock at the sight of Ursula getting steamrolled, Sabina seizes her chance! She rushes out into the traffic and gets T-boned by a  Polo.

With Ursula's legs crushed, she still tries to fight off police. Sabina is unconscious for 15 minutes. But, upon waking up, she again charges into the traffic. This time vaulting the median and crossing to the opposite motorway. She's eventually grabbed and sedated.

That's not the end of it, though. Sabina is released in the town of Fenton after a short jail stay. She roams the streets and is eventually taken in by a good Samaritan named Glenn Hollinshead. After spending the night at Hollinshead's house, Sabina stabs him five times in the chest, killing him.

She then goes on the run, beating herself on the head with a hammer as she goes. Someone tries to apprehend her, but she clubs him over the head with a roof tile she happens to be carrying. Before anyone can stop her, she again makes her way to a freeway. She jumps from a 12m bridge onto the A50 motorway, where she is badly injured and eventually arrested.

No drugs are found in the bloodstreams of either woman. They are thought to be suffering from a condition called folie a dieux, with Ursula (The one in the green) the primary psychotic. She has "infected" her similarly deluded sister, who duplicates her actions.

Sabina was convicted of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility and was due to get out last year. Below is a longer video of the incident. For more info go here and here..

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