Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking frisbee to the cutting edge...

...where it belongs! Yeah man! The outrageously chinned Ronn Moss, aka Ridge Forrester from the Bold & The Beautiful makes a rare feature movie appearance here in the timeless Eighties classic Hard Ticket To Hawaii. Check out the greatest frisbee scene in a movie. Ronn stars as undercover drug operative Rowdy Abilene. Fist-pump that shit,  Rowdy, because it is awesome!

"This is for the Molokai cop!"

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Roadkillkid said...

Wow. I used to have a Hard Ticket to Hawaii t-shirt when I was a kid in Jo'burg. Fuck knows where I got it from. It was definitely way too long ago to be part of the 'ironic bad movie tee' craze so I can only assume some batshit crazy person liked this movie enough to make a shirt from the poster.

I would never have remembered that t-shirt if it wasn't for this post. This is why the internet exists.