Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7FT Soundsystem meets Fletcher!

Our old mate Fletcher out of African Dope is back with more dub deeper than a submarine in philosophy class. It's a collab with 7ft soundsystem and you can download it. Just click "Download", mos. Our favourite is this one featuring samples of George W Bush talking kak. The blurb tunes this:

"two of africa’s heavyweight dub champions take a once in a life-time adventure into the deepest realms of dub. follow these two cape town audio-nauts on their thrilling escapade of spliffs and blips, as they journey from the subsonic worlds to the land of psychedelic space echoes. fasten your sub and enjoy the ride.

But we tune this: we rate Fletcher the greatest producer in South Africa, ever since he came out with that iconic, Sama-winning dnb classic Acid Made Me Do It in the Nineties, with collaborator Roach as Krushed & Sorted in the Nineties we've known it. As a live DJ he'll blow your mind, and his original materital is some next-level, proper stuff that sees him playing worldwide on the breaks n bass beats scene. He's worked with Waddie Jones when he was still Waddie Jones, produced comp albums featuring the entire Cape Town ragga community, built African Dope into a globally respected label, but kept the fans guessing every step of the way.

7FT Soundsystem are another Cape Town-based production crew on a dub, reggae electronic pluck . They put out the magnificently named God Shuffles His Beat album in 2009. They describe their sound as "liquid, electronic reggae".

This track is off a release on a label called BomBaada. For more info, purchases and further downloads, click it. 

Here's another Fletcher classic...

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