Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biggie's first single

Juicy is rated by many as the greatest hip-hop song ever. It's a rags-to-riches rap that contrasts BIG's rough Brooklyn heritage with his sweet current situation. Remarkable that he had achieved that before releasing his first song. But anyway. It also includes some of the coldest lines: "It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up magazine!"; "Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade."; "Call the crib, same number, same hood. It's all good."; "Now honeys play me close, like butter play toast."; and the slightly iffy "Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay!"

Look out for Bad Boy records exec Puff Daddy rocking the cameos. Juicy came out in May 1994. The Notorious BIG was dead within three years.

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Ross Jordaan said...

This is my favourite hip hop track of ALL TIME