Saturday, March 17, 2012

Surely they will open soon

Water. I work with water. Water engineer. And now I miss the meeting this morning. The whole reason I come to South Africa. I come to meet with State water authority, what you call, Howteng? Gowteng?
            Swiss. I’m from Switzerland.
I wait two weeks for this meeting and now today. On this morning of my meeting I am here. They say they let us out first thing this morning. When you think they come? Seven? You think they let us out eight? I must be in Pretoria nine thirty. You think I’m gonna make it?
If it wasn’t for those girls I wouldn’t be here. Ah.
I just come down for one drink in the hotel bar. Where? You know Balalaika? Balalaika. So I come down for one drink, and I meet the girls there in the hotel bar. And you know, they are nice girls, so I buy them some drinks and we talk.
No thank you. I don’t need to sit. I can stand.
In the end they close the bar and the girls say no, we can go to some other place. They know another place that is open later.
So I say we can take my car. We take the Toyota. Ah.
Then we come there. It must be only two kilometre. I see these blue lights and the girls say no, it’s okay, we can go. But it’s not okay.
We come there and it’s the police. They say I must blow. I say to the girls can I talk with this guys? Can you talk with this guys? We try to talk, but they say my number is too high and I must come to the bus.
They just put me in the bus and take me for the blood. You? They take the blood? Also.
And the girls! The girls, they still ask me for money. Can you believe it! I’m sitting there in the bus, ready to come to take the blood and they come to the window and ask me, “Baby, baby, can you give me money for taxi fare? Give me your keys, I will take care of your car. I will drive it to your hotel for you.”
I tell them  no, leave it. The police will bring my car.
No, I don’t give them money. I buy them enough drinks at the hotel.
I just worry now about my room key. I have here my car keys, but I don’t find my access card. You think maybe they find my access card. You think they can get into my room?
Ah. Kannst du das glauben!
You think so I need a lawyer? I can get one?
So we just wait! Ah.
But surely they come open up for us soon, nah? The son comes up. It must be, what, It’s seven thirty. Surely they make open by 8am? Eight, I can be out by eight thirty. And then I make it easy by nine thirty.
Ah, here they come now!
What? Not for me?
Next one!
How long you think? One hour? No, no, no, no, no. That’s too long. I have to be in Pretoria nine thirty. I must be next. Forty minutes! You come back forty minutes? Excuse me sir! Sir! You come back? You do me next? I must be release after this man. I must be in Pretoria nine thirty.
Ah. Ich kann es nicht glauben. Das ist lächerlich, aber!
I must be in Pretoria nine thirty. I must phone my company. Hallo! Sir! Sir! Excuse me, sir! I must phone my company. This is important.
Was machen die Leute, die da draussen?Es macht keinen Sinn! Sie wissen ich muss in Pretoria sein…
Hallo! Hallo! Kann ich bitte der nächste sein? Hallo!
Ich muss in Pretoria um halb zehn sein…
I work with water…

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